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Let me help you maximize the power of your giving through careful planning as your charitable gift advisor.
My experience and insight will assist you in developing your strategies for maximum impact.

I can help you through:
  • In-person or online consultation to help you craft your charitable plan
  • Protecting your anonymity by conducting research and contacting potential grantees on your behalf
  • Implementing your charitable plans
  • Staffing your donor-advised fund or private foundation

If you are looking for help deciding to which organizations, how much, when, with what assets and for what purposes to give, I’m your person.


Your clients want you to talk with them about how to start, ramp up or perpetuate their philanthropic journeys. 

I can help you by:

  • Training your team on how to discuss charitable giving with their clients
  • Directly consulting with your clients on their charitable planning strategies either as a contracted member of your team or as a referral source to your clients
  • Directing you and your team to charitable planning resources
  • Serving as a back office to you and your team in conducting research on potential grantees
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